Monday, October 5, 2009

Juggling Priorities

Could be subtitled - A Day in the Life.

Up at 4:30 today, rested and ready. After grooming and sitting out the door at 6:15.

Good to be at work early as I am behind from my recent illness. Listened to Dancin' Free on the way to work and sang along with the notes. I really have this piece in my ear now, but the opening arpeggios are not in my hand. Went to play "air fingerstyle" with the right hand at a stoplight and realized I need to sit with this and write out the fingering. While Tony was here he helped me map out a systematic approach to mastering these arpeggios. An added benefit to have an engineer/producer who is also an accomplished guitarist.

After 9 plus hours at work home for dinner and delightful conversation with my wife. Spent 40 minutes with my guitar working on the revisions of a piece. Played this for Joann and received her feedback. Off for a 45 minute walk and played with this piece in my head. Back home to work on the menus for the upcoming Guitar Craft course in Seattle this month. Now back for another look at the new piece before retiring.

No matter how busy I am I find that hour to work with the guitar, sometimes more.

After listening to a rough take of this piece I heard where editing is in order for one section and an idea to experiment with in another section. Now I have the bridge to my practice tomorrow.

What have you done today to further that which you love?

Photo by: Sandra Prow

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