Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Designing a Set List

I am playing at a benefit this coming Saturday in Takoma Park, MD for Darhyl Lyons a musician who has been active for the community in a variety of ways. Stream Ohrstrom & the Blue Dragon will also be performing music. There will also be a dance performance, martial arts display, a fashion show, food,  and other events. If your in the area this is sure to be an inspiring event.

I wrote a set list this past Sunday consisting of seven pieces, two new pieces and one that I needed to relearn. Playing through this last night I was unhappy with the flow of the set. Tonight I played the first four pieces where the energy seemed to get stuck and listened to her feedback. I now have a modified seven piece set list that is stronger. Need to brush up on two older pieces now, August Born & Scattered Hearts. I dropped one of the new pieces Kinnara, but will retain Dancin' Free.

I am not sure why I was hesitant to include Scattered Hearts in this set. I have always enjoyed performing this piece and has an energy that is different from most of my pieces. I have not always utilized it wisely in my placement in a set and am my own emotional response can be strong with this piece. But for now she sits in the middle of the set. Amen.

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