Friday, May 13, 2011

A busy and challenging professional week which culminated in a 12 hour day today.  After a shower I sat for 20 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and to rest from a totally "on" day.  I moved to the practice room and knew I needed an AT lie down.  As soon as my back hit the floor, the week's tiredness flooded my consciousness.  My legs so tired that I noticed them twitching as my body began to let go.  The relief was so delicious.  When I rose from the floor, I no longer cared if I played, but I knew that I would.

After tuning, I sat quietly, directing myself via the Alexander Technique.  Noticing the lengthening, the letting go, and overall feeling lighter.  I decided that I would just play through a few pieces and enjoy and be nourished by the music.  After the first piece, my mind a bit quieter, I again went through the AT directions.  Connecting with my body, that has been pushed all week, and bringing my mind together with my movement, began to generate an energy of it's own.  An energy allowing me to play, despite my physical and mental tiredness.  An energy that eventually urged me to improvise and see what the moment might reveal.  The moment was fun and musical.  I felt so good to be reconnecting with myself, my guitar, and with music. 

Glad that I opened the door, and did made myself available.  Just sitting on my stool, aware of myself, guitar in hand, and then the gentle vibrations of the strings bring me back to life.  The awareness deepening and then the vibrations wake me further.  Simple, though not necessarily easy.

                         Photo by Jackie Dervichian

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