Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Kindness was the word for the day I chose as I completed my Qi Gong session this morning. My body happy to be moving with ease again, after four days of illness.  Hopeful that I might not be totally wiped out after work, like the past two evenings.  Grateful that I was kind to myself during the illness, rested, and yet did enjoy 15- 20 minutes of playing each evening.  This playing was without demand, just the simple act of enjoying my instrument and flirting with music.

As I went through my day, a few opportunities arose to reflect on my actions related to kindness.  After all the Dali Lama has stated " My religion is kindness."  Such a simple way of thinking, just difficult to live. Good stuff for me to think about.

 As I began to play tonight I was improvising, a sweet extended melody arose.  Another flirt with the muse, another opportunity to learn.  Thinking about our friend Malcolm Davis who recently departed this life, I began exploring to see if some notes might speak to me of Mal.  A melody arose and flowered a bit; sweet, short - like life.  Tomorrow I'll visit this again, provided I wake up.

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