Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prayer For Today

While reading RF's Diary yesterday the following aphorism was on the bottom of the page.

Better to be present with a bad note than absent from a  good one. 

I came back to this many times throughout the day as a result of posting this to Facebook with the resultant likes & comments.  Upon awakening and journaling this morning the aphorism visited me again.  This prayer for today came forth.

May I be present with all of the "notes" that emanate from me today as I sing the song of life.  May I harmonize with the notes of my colleagues, our residents, and their families, listening for the music within them that they may or may not be able to express in the moment.  May I be silent until the time I am to play.  May I vibrate gently, be in tune and play my day with good tone.


  1. It sounds like the booming of thunder and the gentle whispering sigh of a child asleep; the clamor of the hurricane wind and the sweet birdsong in the glen; the crash of cymbals and the softest tinkling of wind chimes; the roar of a waterfall and the unheeded, unheard but constant hum and hiss of the Universe as it expands and expands and expands into infiniteness... It is Love, Truth, Justice, Compassion, Understanding, and a hundred-thousand other voices singing the Great Concordance in the most perfect of harmonies. It is the voice of The Creator, all around, and there is within me a single string, vibrating in sympathetic resonance. All I can do is hum along. (from The Life That Calls Me)

    Excellent Affirmation, 'Trick! Enjoying your TweetStream!

  2. Beautiful quote Michael, many thanks for sharing this.