Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Low Energy Day

Began the day doing Qi Gong alongside of Sligo Creek with Joann. My body felt out of sorts, most likely due to the emotion of these past days. Refreshed we walked quietly along the creek listening to the birds sing their morning songs.

After errands, lunch, reading, and rest I picked up my guitar. There was not a lost of desire or energy in this act but I knew what I needed to do. My years of disciplined practice bear fruit on these low energy days. Today was no exception.

I warmed up playing Gathered Hearts very slowly, just sounding the notes. Enjoying them, getting lost in them. Then I played the piece with gusto. On to looking at the new piece, When Love is Taken. I spent 2 hours with small breaks for Qi Gong and one for an AT lie down. Slowly this piece is being revealed. Spent some time notating parts that I want to keep available. Made recordings of various rough takes and sections.

A delightful dinner with Joann and back to guitar work. The piece is taking shape. Time to let it and myself rest.

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