Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stepping Into Freedom

How to begin when there is no beginning?

I spent a week on retreat with the venerable Thich Naht Hahn, and my practice went deeper than ever before.  There were over 1000 participants and the energy of Mindfulness was being cultivated all day long.  Though I did not play a lot during the retreat, the times that I did were sweet and present.

Coming back home, we maintained the practice the following day in our home as a way to reenter gently.  When I returned to work, I noticed a sensation in my throat that warned me a microbe was in the process of hijacking my biochemistry.  And they did. The past two days have found me recovering with Thai lemon grass soup, meditation, and rest.  By evening I have felt strong enough to play for a while and these moments have been delightful.  Noticing that the energy of the retreat is still within me, I am grateful for the silence and stillness that was cultivated, while being overwhelmed by the love that was transmitted. 


  1. Sending thoughts of wellness, Patrick; what a blessing to attend the retreat and mindfully re-enter. I am also grateful to you for this post.

  2. Thank you for your simple reminder about the sacred, Patrick.

    Chancing to look in on your blog today, I take support and sustenance from your words and experience as I continue moving in time and space in the unknown - now from one large apartment to a smaller one. As I pare down, I let go of old plans and dreams as well as people, places and things. Your post reminds me that my life has been, is and always will be a sacred journey with all the other beings on this planet.

    I hope the hijackers have relinquished their hold. Many Blessings.

    Be Well,
    Be Happy,
    Be Peace,

    :-)* Laura