Thursday, November 29, 2012

Energy Rising

Hovering on the Horizon

Rough day at work today.  Thursday is my busiest day of the week and the moment I arrived the challenges began, changed, & persisted.  C'est la vie. Fortunately I have tools, a path to bring me back.  So I returned as did the challenges.  And so it went.

Arriving home I hit the floor for an Alexander Technique lie down.  Aptly called Active Rest, tonight required a constant but gentle guidance of my attention to come back to my body and release the unnecessary tension.  My mind drifting away, then a moment of noticing to direct my thoughts back to the body, back to the present moment. Slowly the tension melted into the floor.

Rising I went to my guitar and began a gentle inquisitive improvisation.  Intrigued by the melodies that arrived I continued to explore the possibilities, moving beyond my usual responses.  After 25 minutes I took a small break.

When I returned to the opening melody I decided to turn on the tape recorder.  A little over 2 minutes later I turned it off.  Almost immediately I dove into another uncharted improvisation which was spirited but led nowhere.  And then another, enjoying the musical challenge, that again led nowhere.

Pausing, I used an AT negative direction in a sense of " I am not an improvisor." I began exploring again.  One beautiful arpeggio followed another.  And then another.  Such a precious moment as I allowed this musical idea to come out.  Listening; releasing; and being open to what might arise, a sudden energetic shift occurred in the music and myself.

I spent the next hour exploring, prodding, and being delighted with the act of playing my guitar.  Without concern.  Without pressure.  Just with.

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  1. Fantastic. Thank you for the reminders... I look forward to making time to do the same with my violin soon.... :)