Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Last Practice

Reflecting on what I should turn my attention to in my practice today, I thought about this being my last practice of the week.  Is there some technique or piece or my overall work to which I should bring to completion?  But what if this was my "last practice" ever?  I do not know when my life will end, nor when an accident or disease might manifest that would change me forever.  What then would I practice if I knew this was it?  Would I be hard on myself or relish in the joy of making music?  Would my awareness be such that I listened on a deeper level, played with greater passion?

Suppose I made the awareness of the possibility that this is my last practice an ongoing "first practice" when I sat down with my guitar?  Suppose I developed this awareness of the preciousness of life as I began any activity?  What might emerge from the shadows of this level of attention to the precious present moment?  Music, peace, and  love?  Stillness, clarity, and joy?  Might I be grateful for the time I have to practice, for the body that still responds well, for a beautiful instrument and life itself?  One way to find out.

Photo by Ken Bosma

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