Monday, November 1, 2021


I beamed with joy this morning as I played through A Journeyman's Way Home. The first piece of music that ever came through me. Playing this piece allows me to touch innocence and today as I recalled the setting where music whispered to me in  the Mansion of Claymont Court. I was in a "dorm" with too many other young males, intimidated to no end as I practiced in a walk in closet. I needed to perform a piece at lunch and I did.

I'll always love this piece and playing Journeyman today gave me perspective on how far I've come. I followed with The Call and then began working with one of the new pieces Down The Hill. This was one of the pieces I played for others on Friday and is now settling into my hands, except for the recurring hiccups in bars 29 to 32. I addressed this difficulty and smoothness in the transition is arriving. Today was the first time I played the piece through from memory.

Photo by Seiya Ishibashi

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