Sunday, September 27, 2009


Planning; so much practicing; listening, visualizing, & practicing again. Dissecting pieces, playing ever so slowly. Then finally yesterday wonderful engineer, producer, guitarist extraodinaire and dear friend Tony Geballe arrived. We knew my acoustic amp was dying and went shopping and found an out of production Genz Benz that fit our needs and was less money than I was prepared to spend. Experimented with the amp and mic placement, set levels, and put on new strings last night.

Today we hit record and arrgggh distortion in the mix. Checking cables and switched preamps and still this low end presence. Off to buy a new mic, perhaps the dampness of the basement affected the condenser mic. Upon returning back to setting levels and to work we went. We recorded good takes of Kinnara and Prayer From a Small Room. We worked with Dancin' Free but I could not play the opening bars with conviction.

So not the way we planned this day but some very good work was accomplished. Personally I am happiest that the distortion only affected the mic. I was fine, Tony was fine. One very important piece of information I gleaned from my last recording process that I intend to apply to this one is very clear. How we get there is more important than when. I do not want to allow a technical issue distort my relationship with myself or those I am working with. Distortion is fine on an electric guitar but I must strive for clarity.

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