Monday, September 14, 2009


Qi Gong on the beach this morning. Sun was shining & the surf delightful. A great way to begin my day; & coupled with my sitting, a great benefit to my guitar practice. Focusing on my breath and movement, fostering harmony in body and mind. I know my practice of Qi Gong has positively impacted my guitar playing. These gentle movements that align my energies and awaken the sensation of my flesh. Preparing me to sit with my guitar and aim to have this same presence while playing.

At one point watching the Ocean’s relentless, yet focused motion I realized that the ocean, like the breath, goes on regardless of whether I am paying attention. The ocean, like the breath, is magnificent when I am observing. Both are life. What happens to my playing when I am paying attention? Does the mystery of music come alive? Do I become alive?

What is the volume of air that has moved through my lungs in this lifetime? Could this fill the oceans? Fill the spheres? All life is one, all inter-are. One song is all songs when sung by the heart.

Music Sweet Music.

Life Beloved Life.

Sit; breathe, learn; love; let go…
Sit; breathe, learn; love; let go…

Always beginning – Always letting go.

I love music. Can I love the musician? But, of course, I can. Slowly … ever so slowly, I learn, love, let go over time. Just as a piece of music develops through time; love of life evolves through time. The melody of life ebbs and flows; harmonies flowering and then dischord takes root. Another line begins, develops, crescendos. My practice is the audience allowing the music of life to evolve.

Listen … Listen … Play …

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