Sunday, September 20, 2009

We All Have Our Song to Sing

I've been quiet on the blog this past week, but still active musically. Preparing for a recording session next weekend with Tony. Spending my time addressing parts of four pieces that will be recorded. Also had some work done on my guitar by a fantastic luthier, John Warden, who in a conversation reignited the desire to pursue a musical approach I have played with briefly in the past. Of course finding the time to experiment with this is another consideration, but when the passion arises I tend to find the time.

While walking on Sligo Creek just now the evening insects have begun their serenade. Accompanied but the occasional siren, car radios blaring, helicopters, and the creek another symphony unfolds. When one car passed on the road with spanish music blaring and the driver singing at the tops of his lungs, I felt his joy from music, even though this form of music does not appeal to me. And that is when tonight's blog title hit me, we do all have our song to sing.

Are you singing yours?

Photo generated by Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings.

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