Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honor Thy Mistake

Honor thy mistake as a hidden intention is one of Brian Eno and Peter Schmitt's Oblique Strategies, one that I have always liked.  Of late I have been in a bit of a quandary musically. Many new musical pieces and ideas have presented themselves in the past months while increased family and personal commitments have increased the complexity of my life.

I have been examining this and looking for clarity and direction in my musical pursuits. Today I wrote down three lists. The first one titled "What Can I Play Today?" and listed those pieces currently known to me. The second list was titled "What Might I Play Soon?" meaning pieces that could be polished and brought back into my regular practice routine. The third list was called "What Do I Want to Develop and Learn?" So far this last list is blank but two candidates will be added when I am complete here.

This process introduced clarity concerning where I am and where I am going. Always good for me to know this while remaining open to new possibilities. I then took a long brisk walk in the light of the full moon. Admiring the moon through the barren tree tops of the neighborhood, reflecting  on all of the good in my life, & enjoying the crisp air and shadows.

Returning home I was ready to enjoy playing. I played through Gathered Hearts giving a bit more attention to the opening notes, enjoying the rest before the second section, allowing the piece to be. My intention was to then play through Kinnara. I thought how might I play this if it was the last piece I would ever play? I sat with this a bit on my stool and brought my hands to play when suddenly a different chord was played. I followed this gently, probing what might be there, finding immediately the next chord then another and ...

I continued to explore the gentle dissonant chords I was finding, delighting in seeing where they might go. Allowing myself to let go of the piece I wanted to play and Honoring My Mistake.



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  1. Beautifully said for both the musician and all artists of life. Enjoying the resonance!