Thursday, February 18, 2010



Twenty some years ago I had surgery to remove part of my medial meniscus in my left knee. I damaged this playing basketball. During my rehab the physical therapist constantly reminded me that rest was an important part of exercise. I was eager to get well and ready to play hoops and ride my bike some more. I was also 32 at the time and getting my first hints of the aging process.

The hints continue, often times getting louder. Last night I wrote that my tendon was sore in my left wrist. I woke this morning and felt fine. Off to work and slowly the tendon caught my attention, as did stiffness in my left shoulder. Both of these areas are guitar related issues. One aspect of working in a health care facility is access to moist heating pads. On the shoulder while typing in an order and also around the wrist later brought some relief. The decision to take tonight off from playing to allow these areas to rest was also made and has been followed, even though the "chocolate" piece that began to emerge last night is calling to me. But I need to allow my body to rest. I did not take my normal Monday night off and actually played for hours that night, now the forced night off.

I trust the piece will be there tomorrow. Listened to Evening Star by Fripp & Eno while doing an Alexander Technique lie down to stretch out my back. Also did a stretch suggested by a PT today that brought relief to the shoulder. Catching up on personal matters.  The notes I scored last night to capture the beginning of the new possibility just caught my eye. Perhaps it is time to clean my desk so tomorrow I am ready for what the guitar may present to me.

Resting on my breath as I complete this post. My life is good.

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