Friday, February 19, 2010

A Touch of Dark

On the way home from work this evening I was listening to a podcast called Personal Performances podcast by Sami Abu Shumays. He invites various middle eastern musicians on this podcast to discuss and perform their works. Tonight a performer was discussing the importance of the spirit when improvising Iraqi Maqams and illustrated this using the same basic melodies sung with a different spirit. I found myself mimicking the singing, allowing myself to play a bit in my car.

As I do many evenings when I began my practice I improvised, still vaguely hearing this musician in my ear. Had some fun for a while and was being gentle with my left wrist. After a short I left to attend an opening of collaborative art and poetry works at the Takoma Park Community Center. My friend Jim Landry whose photo is featured above was part of this project. For the opening there was a  performance of poetry, music, and dance. Some pieces worked better than others for me but the spirit that infused the evening was welcome. The creative act always so nourishing.

Back home  I returned to look at the piece I am calling Chocolate Melodies. I soon realized that my body is very tired and my wrist was more sensitive than earlier. I gently played around with the piece shading it with a touch of dark chocolate.

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  1. Studying Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach, I was introduced to various ragas and how they are intended to be played/sung at certain times of the day. They each have their own spirit, you might say. The study is far deeper and more expansive than that to which I've been exposed, but it is much more interesting than just major and minor (and even modes). Spirit means energy in some circles. It is the masculine Yang to the feminine Yin of soul in other circles; in which case it is active, it is freedom and light (as opposed to womb, water).
    I look forward to hearing the chocolate piece. Sorry to hear about the tendon. I've had good results working with a rolfer/energy massage therpist on such issues. Sending good juju for full healing.