Thursday, June 3, 2010


Art begins with resistance - at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.
                                                                  Andre Gide  

How much effort is required to move a guitar pic 0.32 hundreths of an inch?
To vibrate the piece of metal known as my A string this is all the resistance that need to be overcome.

Or is it?

What doe it take to pick up the guitar on a regular basis? 

Most mornings when I wake I resist my practice of Qi Gong, which astounds me to this day. Just a few minutes into my Qi Gong practice and my body comes alive, the energy begins to enliven me and I think how could I not do this?

Yet the next day, my resistance surfaces.

So I move my body to the living room and begin my practice again. Within 15 minutes I am happy. On days when I have more time to devote to this practice, the benefits  continue to increase.

Yet the next day a minor amount of resistance surfaces again.

Fortunately I do not experience resistance to playing my guitar. However for me to practice certain aspects of music there is resistance. Oftentimes I find it hard to gear my practice to aspects of music I find  difficult. Yet when I do, not only this  area of musicianship, but my playing in general improves. 

Am I listening?

While The Borg say "Resistance is futile," I counter that resistance is inevitable, but not insurmountable.

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  1. So, who is it that wakes up prior to the one who appreciates Qi Gong? "It likes, it doesn't like." Eh? So, who is it that wakes up unaware that other parts of you like Qi Gong and appreciate how it helps all of You and are looking forward to the practice?

    I wonder this myself when I become aware of myself as I wake from deep sleep and the rest of me begins to catch up. Who is it that does not want to proceed into the next moments? Just then, I have space to watch the "i's" gather and begin their own songs (stories). I have a chance to observe them "waking" up in their sleep, already talking, complaining, etc.

    Peace Patrick,