Friday, May 11, 2012

Tuning the Musician


After a long intense day of professional duties, I came home and just sat and talked with my wife for a bit.  The past five weeks have been demanding, but I am grateful for the work that I do there.  I went onto the back porch for coffee and listened to the birds as sunset approached.  Smiling I decided to get my guitar and play for them a bit.

As soon as I sat down, I knew I needed to begin with gentle playing.  Neither my body nor my spirit were ready to be pushed hard just then.  As I was playing the chatter in my mind about the days work kept interrupting the music.  Once again I saw that it is much easier to tune the guitar than it is to tune the musician.  So with a gentle spirit I began again, and then again, slowly allowing the vibrations of the notes to nourish me and draw me closer to the present moment.

I noticed that the birds had gone to bed, so I moved inside to play.  Steadily my energy increased, the thoughts of the day dispersed and progress was made on the piece I am learning.  Grateful for music, love, and the people in my life.  Laughing as I realize that just like my guitar needs to be tuned regularly, so do I.


  1. Brilliant true!

  2. Such a wonderful post that touched me. I love how you record your observations. I like that you never "jump" right into practicing and doing what you "should" be, but you always take time to tune in and establish the flow of awareness between your mind, body and instrument. Such an important component that's missing for many musicians.