Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changing Strings & Noticing Use

Time to change strings again as I have a gig tonight.  Always in pursuit of beautiful tone and after intense playing at the course last week, the strings needed to be changed.  As I was changing the first two strings I noticed poor use of myself as I had the guitar on my lap.  Lifting up my right leg to "support" the guitar when just allowing the foot to be on the floor was sufficient.  Why does one part of my body look to "help" even when this is not necessary?

As I went to put on the third sting, I paused to direct my thinking with the Alexander Technique and decided a lie down was in order.  After the lie down I had a clearer sense of myself, and paused a few time to direct  my thinking again.  The strings sound beautiful and crisp.  Time to rest before the gig tonight.

                          Photo by: Jackie Dervichian

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