Friday, December 4, 2009

Possible Rhythmic Streams

I had sent Stream Ohrstrom a message about the blog from December 2 mentioning our pursuit of 31. He read the posting played with his vibraphone and messaged me that a breakdown of 5+6+7+7+6 had a better flow for him. This coupled with some of my orginal chords in C phygrian from last night was my jumping off point for tonight. Always good to have that bridge between practices. I did enjoy how this felt and began a musical investigation using chords from C phygrian, C Lydian & F# minor. Was using 3 chords from each mode and could not quite find the third chord that worked.

My body tense and tired so I decided to take a walk. Moon was full last night but it was pouring down rain here. I was enjoying the moonlight and a sprinkling of Christmas lights when another possibilty to explore these relationships came to me. Good to move those muscles and relax, allowing different solutions to appear. Back home to give this a look and there is promise. But for tonight I need to let go, curl up with Dr. Faustus and get a good nights rest. The day job beckons to be busy tomorrow and the remainder of this month.

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