Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am always grateful for music in my life. Really can not imagine my life without music. Since my youngest days music has been there providing joy, insight, & passion.

Over the years I have developed a ritual to taking my guitar from the case. Tonight as I went to take the guitar into my hands I paused. I felt the energy field of the guitar. Suddenly I was grateful for the guitar itself & the man who made it. Grateful for the tree that provided the wood, the water and minerals that nourished the tree and the people that harvested the wood. Grateful for the men who mined the ores that made the strings and the people and machines that made the strings. Grateful for all the accumulated knowledge, craft, & skills that brought my guitar into being.

When we touch any part of life we touch all of life.

The guitar was my introduction to the dharma I now follow. The dharma that nourishes me; that allows me to listen, to hear when music is whispering. Whispering the melodies of all of the interrelated lives that are my ancestors, the ancestors of my teachers, the ancestors of us all. Whispering the harmonies of life.                                                                                                                     Listen ...

Photo courtesy of Ignacio Gracian

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  1. Beautiful post Patrick. So many people have written about gratitude, and I find yours especially appealing in its elegance and truth. Thank you (and thanks to your guitar)