Monday, February 21, 2011

A Monday In Music

Awake @5:40am today. While doing Qi Gong in the living room, I could hear a train in the distance.  Where was the train going I wondered, where am I on my journey I asked?  Moving mindfully, releasing and renewing my energy before the sunrise, I prepared for my sitting.  In no time my sit was over.  Had I fallen asleep?  Yet I did not feel like I was waking, when I saw the time on the clock.  I picked up my guitar, and as sometimes happens, the guitar felt right on my body.

Usually this arises after some major effort, and while I played a lot this weekend, I would not put my work into that category.  This rightness, I have come to trust.  Perhaps what I did this weekend could be called right effort.  Interweaving guitar, Alexander Technique, and practical household chores with the occasional walk and watching one Maryland Basketball game was productive and rejuvenating.  I played with the new tremolo piece to see what I had committed to memory, and then a run through of Gathered Hearts to set the mood for my day.  Traffic was light today, due to the holiday.  Frequently in the morning I drive without music on in the car.  Many days I drive quietly, savoring what arose during my morning practice.  Other times I listen to my own works in progress, and occasionally the music of someone else.

Today I listened to the latest edition of Sid Smith's Podcast from the Yellow Room and really enjoyed his selections.  Trembling Bells form Oak Ash Thorn was a pleasant new group to me, and the folky version of King Crimson's Starless is stunning. Turned this right back on for the drive home.  Hearing El Pibe by my friend Fernando Kabusacki was another bright spot in a overall good day.

A quick nap after dinner and back to the guitar.  I played through the new piece without a train wreck for the first time at 70bpms.  This felt very satisfying.  I continued to address certain tricky transitions in this piece, while utilizing the Alexander Technique.  At one point I noticed my back was tired, and yet I wanted to persist.  I did for a few minutes more, but then I applied my intelligence and hit the floor for an AT lie down.  And I'm glad I did.

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  1. Curious there are times when the instrument seems to be playing you while you play it. There is a moment of recognition and exchange and music is present. (from Robert Jewell)