Friday, June 22, 2012

The Simplest Direction Yet

which way?
Last night I was working on a tremolo piece.  I had turned the metronome down to 56 bpm and then brought it back to 60.  After working at this tempo, I decided to move to 64.  I noticed a slight but definite hunkering down in my upper torso as I began to play.  While pausing, the inhibitory or negative direction "I am not collapsing myself" arrived.  By continuing to gently invite this thought in while practicing, I was very aware of the space above me and around me.  My sense of up was "natural" and easy.  I continued to invite this thought in while watching the NBA Finals and once while waking at night.  So far this is a simple but powerful extension of my Alexander Technique work.

I just received notice this morning that my reserve copy of Missy Vineyards book is in, so I'll be able to explore her thoughts on negative directions further.


  1. I've heard Robert Rickover mentioning that book so many times! It's also my next book on the AT reading list.

    Best wishes for your practice.

  2. Hi Jacek,

    Definitely work with this book. Just from the first few pages and skipping about a bit, I have tasted the wisdom of her approach. Best wishes for your practice also.