Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Day's Listening

Sound of Silence

Slurping coffee, perhaps I need to begin again.

Hearing the sound of the clothes dryer in the basement and noticing the similarity to my thinking.

Waterfall cascading from the faucet cleansing life from our dishes.

Concern in the voice of a colleague about an approaching weather event on my day off.

Pedro's de Alcantara's new piece of music arising from SoundCloud, almost as good as being with him.

Debussy arising from nowhere, everywhere takes me by surprise.  Ah Debussy ...

Plop, stop, go on and listen.

My beloved's gentle shriek as cold lotion caresses her back.

Noticing that when I am quiet, I hear the sound of my breathing.

What is that sound of the unasked question?

The sound of I love you leaving my lips, echoed back with such beauty by my beloved.

Listening to Evan Parker playing in an unusual context.  I hear same Evan, new Evan.

Gargles destroying life, protecting life in my mouth.

Laughter & chatter amongst old and new friends.  Pain, sorrow, hope, inspiration and caution also arise.

Eno, dear Eno - what more can I say.

The sound of my book closing.

In a dream the sound of myself playing to an elderly person in bed in an institutional setting.  This is the second night in a row I woke and recalled this dream. What question am I not asking?

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  1. The sound of your voice, excited about the latest score.
    Happiness :) :) :)