Sunday, December 15, 2013

Movin' Da Funk

As the man said - Everybody gets the blues sometimes ...

Today was my turn.  Exposed to just a little too much sadness, too many memories, too much blight in our world, loss was overwhelming me.  Fortunately I have a wonderful wife and a way of life that works in good times and bad.  Returning home from much needed visits to relatives, we rested, ate and talked.  Joann mentioned that I really would feel better when I picked up my guitar and I knew she was right.

But first I needed to meditate and allow my feelings to subside.  To water positive seeds within me, within all of us, and to tune my perspective.  I followed this with Qi Gong, a reversal of our usual morning practice.  Moving the body while following the breath, the energy blockages dissolved.  Then onto my guitar.  Without demand nor judgement I played, allowing the power of music to move me, soothe me, and to invite in wholeness.  The pieces I  played did not matter so much as the act of surrender to the notes as they were, as I am.  At the end a spirited improvisation with notes flying off the fretboard without concern.  My body responding with movement not usually associated with the act of music and myself.  So be it.

The chocolate fudge brownie ice cream before a walk under the nearly full moon completed the shift.  Truly I am grateful for all of the loved ones who support my life, for the practices I have learned, and for music, sweet music.

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