Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mother Nature's Alexander Technique Lesson

This evening after I work I stepped into the back yard at dusk.  The birds were chanting their evensong and I took in their music.  Realizing it was warm enough to play outside, I got my guitar.  Sitting on my stool, I sat with my guitar, noticing the space about me.  A gentle breeze giving me a sense of width and the trees directing me up.  My presence encouraged by the beautiful directions provided by the birds.  Smiling as I realized I was receiving an Alexander Technique lesson from Mother Nature.

As I began to play the breeze invited me to come back to my breath.  Just play.  Just breathe.  Stay wide and allow my guitar space about her, don't crowd her.  Let her sing out and allow music to be.  As the breeze stilled so did my thinking.  More generous direction coming to me from the Earth.  Just playing - an aspiration I seldom arrive at.  Do nothing but invite the guitar to sound, invite music to play.  When I do arrive there, I am grateful.

I began to play Stepping Stones, a piece dedicated to seven men who were very important to me in my twenties.  Six of them have left the planet, but their care & wisdom still guide me to this day; always will.  As I played awash in memory and sound, I drop fell onto my right cheek.  A tear - not from me.  A sign - perhaps.  Smiling as a bit of joy found it's way to my heart.  Playing for my friends, playing with my friends.  Playing far and wide.

                              Photo by Zabara Alexander.

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