Thursday, July 1, 2010


On Tuesday, the night of my last post I used this as a status update - "Back from a great Alexander Technique class. Trust is one word I took away that is always key when I remember it." Tonight I am seeing that trusting, the action, is the key to success in my next project and most likely in life in general.

I practice because I trust that I will improve from the work undertaken. Be this my guitar practice, meditation, Alexander Technique, or how I chop vegetables, I know that they all support one another. Acts of quality interpenetrate everything we do; everything in the world. By trusting that my body is free, my mind clear, and my heart open and available to music, I can play. 

Photo by Kevin Dooley


  1. Catching up with you again Patrick. (Meanwhile, my own blog is way behind in posts) Love hearing about your experiences with AT. Funny thing about trusting our movements and motions. Having sprained my ankles a couple of times, I was wary the first few times I was going down the stairs in my new home. Then I just decided to affirm, with a kind of mantra, "I am confident walking down stairs" and I felt much more sure-footed. I was trusting my body to know what to do. Fear and mistrust only made me shaky. I can easily see how this would be true with playing an instrument as well. Love your commitment and wow - love that photo too!

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  3. How beautiful! I constantly wonder at how letting go in one area of my life affects others. Not only do I feel my body, mind and emotions are interconnected, but that our hearts are interconnected. Your trust frees me! Thank you, Patrick