Sunday, July 22, 2012

Days Like This

Qi Gong in the park with Master Li after a month off - Yessssssss.

An hour of practice using AT negative directions while practicing Senseless Loss.
Could hear & feel Senseless Loss coming Alive.

Letting go of determination.
 At least a bit.

Lunch in back yard with my Favorite Person in the whole world.
Discussions of the future, free of fear or worry.
This is miraculous.

Wrote first of seven Haiku today.
Where did these come from?

Read T.S. Elliot.
Best friend in freshman year of college told me I needed to.
Still looking to come to grips with his words.

Then dinner.
Second Haiku whispers as I dress.

Two Haiku adorn program
of recital of our friend, Melinda Hamerly.
Poulenc's La Carpe was sublime.
de Falla's Nana so sweet,
While Polo enlivened.
Happy to support friend and music.
Beauty nourishes all.

Home to just play guitar.
No direction.
Less judgement.
A wish conceived.


 To bed.

Unless another Haiku arrives.

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