Friday, July 6, 2012

. . . . . . . . . . ... I Am Not

A nap.
I really wanted a nap.
But it was late.
Too late to nap.
I must play my guitar, I must.
Because the nap would lead to me staying in  bed the rest of this day.

But first.
A Blessed AT lie down.
Played with a lie down in the prone position.
Using Missy Vineyards instructions.
This opened up something new.

Playing with AT directions.
Misdirecting my mind to allow freedom.
I am not playing the guitar.
And I did not.
I was not even holding a guitar.

Finding my center.
I am not holding my neck.
And I Am
Forward, up,     wide.
And then again. 
Lightly bringing
Different & various combinations,
of one hand or both and then again.
To the space where I am not playing guitar.

My guitar
Graces my body.

 I allow my hands to float to the guitar.
As if driven by ocean currents.
I am not playing my guitar.
Moving hands.
Quieting mind.
Finding my center again,
and again.

Finally notes sing.
As I sing with them.
The act of singing like this requires
Most of my attention.
And my hands play on.

I come to an end.
Think more negative directions.

I am not compressing myself.
And voila,
I was not.
More playing, 
More Alexander Technique.
More quiet.

More not playing while playing.

I am not a slave to my practice.
Another lie down.
First semi-supine.
Then prone.
More quiet.

Then this 
not playing Gathered Hearts 

A break w/out my nap.
Ready for more.
I am not holding my neck.
The setting sun
Silhoutes my shoulders, neck and head.
On the brick wall.

I am not doing the Alexander Technique.

It just may be
Doing me.

More playing.
More directing.
And now
A long big nap.


  1. a song did come
    from the strings to me
    it fills me with grateful joy
    every night I let it roll
    where it takes me
    I can not define
    but I'm sure my glow
    would give a clue
    as I lean back
    into the big pile of pillows
    and play long into the night :~)

    totally loved your words
    and thoughts they inspired in me

    naps rule and I've just recently starting enjoying playing my guitar laying back.

  2. LOVE this new nap concept, your love of your guitar, your body, your freedom. Beautiful visual poetry, my own free e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e