Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inviting Change

view from bridge of sighs

Today I made the time to change my strings.  It was past time, but this week was so draining, I would not undertake this on a work night. Now I am enjoying the bright sound of new strings on a beautiful guitar.  A treat for certain.

Looking at UnDone which is somewhat melancholic and written so far in g minor.  There is a solid beginning but a change is needed, perhaps one of tempo, or feel, or key.  What does the piece need is generally my guiding question.  How to invite this change to manifest?  I seek to remain open to the music, to life.  Then with the limits of my technique and theory I explore the potential.  Being open can be challenging as habits of thinking, playing, and living cloud my options.

Tonight I had the thought to investigate a key change and was drawn to c# minor.  I found a way to modulate that works to my ear, and began exploring arpeggios in c# minor.  Playing around with chords built on fourths, I may have found the next direction.

As I reminded myself yesterday, I just need to stay out of the way and follow where the piece wants to go.

                    Sounds,    form,                    Invite the Silence.

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  1. Being open to life (or what life brings to us) or inviting change can be a path we would rather not go down.What we may miss by not going down that path is something else entirely.