Monday, March 17, 2014


I tossed and turned last night concerned with the impact that yet another snow storm would have on my getting to work and the arrival of my staff.  When you work in a healthcare facility, arriving in inclement weather is not an option, just a must.  So up early, moving about snow from walkways  and the car, then moving through snow.  In the dark.  Most of my morning routine had been compromised to allow for an extended commute and for filling in for others.

After a long day, I came home and napped.  A tasty dinner with good old friends who have been staying with us and great conversation.  We have shared much with these friends and the conversation was deep and needed my attention to remain engaged.  I met this with varying degrees of success.  My emotions were stirred frequently during our conversation.  Stirred in useful and needed ways.  At times pointing me to areas I need to examine as only those who know me can do.  But I needed a break.  I needed a different energy.  I needed music.

Our friends retreated to their room, and I to my practice space.  My emotions still stirred and my body tired, I decided to pause and practice some Qi Gong standing postures.  My thinking quieted a bit and I wanted to play.  I knew I was not "ready" to play, but I needed the nurturing that the guitar's notes vibrating across my chest provides.  I knew that I would be better to arrive in body, mind, & spirit before playing, yet I also knew that the guitar would also help me to arrive.  Would be there to greet my impatience, to point out my lack of attention, and could pull me into the present moment.  I flirted with music and the guitar and they loved me back.  Amen.

Photo by GH Cheng.

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  1. You are my HERO! You practice unfailingly, even when body and spirit are weary....and arrive at new life.