Thursday, March 27, 2014

Basic Direction

A beautiful alignment of the Moon and Venus inspired my morning Qi Gong practice.  The image stayed with me throughout the day.  Nature so effortlessly lovely.  Could my life on this day be so?

Before picking up my guitar tonight I practiced Qi Gong.  With my energy flowing and my mind relatively quiet, I began my guitar practice. Addressing a technical issue, I paused and thought of freeing my neck.  Something shifted.  Practicing a bit I came back to this thought.  Gently keeping this basic Alexandar Technique direction alive as I continued to play I experienced a refreshing freedom in my actions.

After all these years of practice with AT, the process comes alive easier when I remember to enter the present moment and allow my thinking to connect with and direct my action.  So simple and so needed.  Basic direction yielding effortless results. Perhaps one answer to this morning's question is yes.

Photo:  Good Morning by Andrew

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