Friday, May 7, 2010

A Brief Communion

On my commute to work this morning I decided to listen to Agnus Dei, a collection of various composers, that was given to my as a birthday present years ago with the suggestion - " for when you need to chill." Today I had begun my day with my Qi Gong and sitting practice and had a few moments with my wife. Many mornings I drive in quiet, or may listen to recordings of my guitar works that are in progress. Some days I need music for all or part of the commute, but I do not put music on just because I am in the car.

I wanted inspiration today, an additional aid to my spirit as I prepared to attend to my professional duties. The piece composed by Lassus is so beautiful as was the morning unfolding before me. The sun was sparkling in the treetops along Sligo Creek, when a woman entered the crosswalk I was approaching with a big smile on her face. Another woman was walking two dogs and also smiling as a man approached on a bicycle, floating through space with a sense of child like wonder. All this while the sopranos soared. For a moment I sensed we were all spiritual beings beginning our day full of hope. The sun continued to dance and I moved through the intersection smiling and enriched.

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