Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chesterton Quote

It isn't that he can not see the solution. It is that he can not see the problem. - G. K. Chesterton

For many years I had this quote hanging over my desk at work. Was I really seeing the problem? Many times yes, many times no. Perceptions are frequently wrong. More information, maybe even insight, or experience is needed. Is there a problem often times is The Question?

Being quick to judge and hard on myself has frequently led me astray. Funny thing is I am asking myself what does this have to do with Patrick the guitarist? The desk this hung over was at my day job. But tonight I think I need to allow this quote to inform the musician.


  1. The question and living in the question, even living in what IS the question can be very powerful. Chasing after an assumed problem and its "solution" can be a wild ride down the rabbit hole. No problem ... only discovery. How might that inform the guitarist?

  2. Yes What IS the question is the crux. Very interesting conversation with AT instructor last night had me probing recent performance experience. Fortunately I taped the session and will be listening during my commute tomorrow. There is at least one question in that conversation and perhaps an answer(s.)

    Thanks for the probing.