Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Day of Practice


6:45 am
I woke before 5am today. Rested I saw an opportunity to slip in some guitar before leaving for work. Did Qi Gong for 25 minutes followed by a 10 minute lie down and my sit. A little coffee and conversing with Joann and to the basement.

I decided to look at C Hijaz over two strings. Using the A & E strings I looked at the dyad pairing across the strings. Beginning first with the sixth from Bb to G through the length of the neck and then with the fourth from C to F. Due to the nature of this scale when I go to moving in fourths this is occasionally interrupted by a third. This opens up the musical possibilities. When I practice this evening I will extend this search.

7:20 pm
When I returned home from work today I did a lie down. I needed to let go of the events of the day. After dinner and a few tasks I returned to the guitar. Throughout the day I found myself humming or singing music ideas generated by this mornings work. Did some more work along these lines but found it a bit flat. I moved on to looking at Lost Ballon, practicing a part that is troublesome. Lost Balloon is a slow sad piece that will be on the set for the House Concert next week.

I worked a bit more on Lost Balloon and played through Dandelion as a very slow tempo. Moved onto Dancin' Free, I am finally nailing the beginning of this piece. Played it through for my wife.

9:30 pm
My body needed exercise so I took a brisk walk along Sligo Creek. We've had rain lately so the creek level is up and she is singing right now. Birds adding counter melodies with the occasional drone of traffic. Back home I ran through 6 pieces with the tape running so I can hear how they fit together in a set. Of course I was not happy with some of the playing. SO What! Just play. Leave the judgements behind and continue to learn and explore. Come back to the body and begin again.

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