Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Glimpse


Every now and then I receive a glimpse.  Receive appears to be the proper word, because this glimpse is a gift.  I want to rationalize and say it is because of dedicated efforts, reflections, and honoring commitments.  While this does play a part in my arriving in the place to receive the glimpse, by it's very nature any glimpse is a gift.

Today I received such a gift at a day of retreat with my Sangha.  Arising from the silence, I heard my Dharma name.  One that was chosen for me by a wise and loving teacher.  For years, I have loved this name, recognized it's validity, and was honored by the sentiment.  Today I saw that I may be able to use this name to guide me and assist me in my musical pursuits.  Can I, will I fully embody the spirit and truth, allowing all sound that flows from me to be informed by and informing of it's spirit?

Knowing always that while my personal practice is needed, that it is only with the help of others that I can see, learn, and transform what is me.  Who would have known, that the desire to play the guitar would lead me to such places; to the spaces where I can listen, know, and be.   I am a fortunate man; I have music.

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  1. Thank you for the quiet moments when you smile, relax, reflect and catch those glimpses. Thank you for continuing to pick up your guitar and give the world such powerful does come from beyond.