Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Step

I never know where the next creative spark will come, when it will come, or not even how this manifests.  I do know I show up with the guitar night after night, and as many other hours that I can.  Curiosity has always been a strong trait of mine, and has paid off in numerous way.  Boredom has never been a word in my personal vocabulary.

Be it discipline, devotion, commitment, or just the pure joy of playing, I find a way to connect with the Muse.  Writing this now I see the connection is a result of all those qualities being in my life.  Tonight I had this insight - Take a step towards your dream and watch the world change.  Clever words?  Not at all. Take the step for yourself and see the results.  Each day I have to take that step over and over again; some days this is easier than others.  But my world has changed, please go and take your step - Now!

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