Sunday, March 27, 2011

Notes Come, Notes Go

Sol o Luna ?

Still looking at This Longing tonight.  More ideas surface as others are laid to rest.  So as the title says - Notes Come, Notes Go ...  And that is just the way the process goes for me.  Sometimes a piece downloads in its' entirety, others times can take a while, and most times the idea never comes to fruition.  Yet I'm making myself available, learning, and coming back night after night.  The ongoing commitment is what matters most.

I can not catch a cloud with my hands,  but I can open my heart to the possibility.  I see that This Longing may be aptly titled.  Tomorrow, I will pick up the guitar and present myself to what is there and what is not.   I'll be doing what is necessary to invite in silence and then I'll be listening to the sounds I create to hear if music has arrived.  If not, the following night, I will begin again.  And so it goes.

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