Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Help for Some Friends

What would you do if I sang out of tune ...
                                   - Lennon & McCartney

Well, they don't sing, but still they may need a little help from their friends, fans, and people who still browse for new music and even pay.  Imagine being on the road, the beginning of a month tour, and you're awakened by the hotel manager telling you to move your van quick.  This is what happened this morning to the California Guitar Trio. Fortunately, Bert & Paul, with the assistance of two firemen, pushed the van out of flood waters  in Danbury, Connecticut.  While their gear was saved, the CD's & DVD's were stowed in the front part of the van which did take on water and all of these were ruined.

And they have a gig tonight at BB King's in New York City!  An act like this never comes at a good time, but this is totally rotten. I know any touring musician with sense has their instrument insured.  But CD's & DVD's I doubt are covered.  Touring is not guaranteed income, and the sale of recorded material is vital to the musicians' financial success.   The members of the CGT, Bert, Paul, & Hideyo are great people, fantastic musicians, and now have an obstacle to face.  Even with loss of inventory and sales opportunity the show will go on tonight at BB Kings.  And these guys will make the best of anything.  But there is also an opportunity here.  To spread the word about this great group of musicians and urge your friends drop by their website, have a listen, and make a purchase.

Their latest album Andromeda is sure to satisfy the most discriminating ear.  A mixture of compositions and improvisations, including special guest Tony Levin and others, offers a wide range of music. From subtle introspective pieces to the flamenco, influenced Hazardous Z, and onto rocking guitar music like only the CGT can deliver.  My personal favorite is the layered circulation on Improv VIII.

So what are you waiting for, head over to their site or to your own favorite musical outlet. You can find their work on itunes, amazon, or the vinyl version at Karate Body Records. And don't forget to catch them on tour.

And please spread the word!

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