Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Low Energy

A personal success at work today.  The conditions were ripe to get lost in anger, but by finding my breath, working with the AT directions, and taking a walk, a better way was found to resolve the situation.  My energy was conserved and no great toll taken on my body.

I had class with David tonight.  My energy was low by this time, and I seemed to want to have something done for me or to me.  Towards the end he made a statement that I need to examine over time.  He suggested a variation on the adding in a rest exercise of Pedro de Alcantara, where I would play the bass note, rest, play the 3 notes of the tremolo, and rest before the next bass note, and so on.  I worked with this at home and found that I was able to maintain a better overall sense of myself & while my hands were playing. 

Now to address my low energy, but heading off to bed.

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