Monday, March 14, 2011

To Find a Better Way to Play


Is that anyway to begin a blog post?  Most of this evening, I had that sense about me.  I've been looking for a folder with a few scores of works in progress that I misplaced for a week.  Tonight I did some serious looking, which irritated  me as this took away from my practice time.  At one point, after about 50 minutes of looking, I let go and began practicing.

I did an exercise on right hand accents, I picked up off a classical guitar blog.  Last night I worked with this exercise for the first time and found it useful.  Tonight when I moved from the exercise to playing through Here We Are, two things happened.  I played with the accents in this piece to see the affect of the exercise, and I noticed that I was happier playing than when I was looking for the file.  I moved onto the tremolo piece, and incorporated AT work with inhibition, as I played through the entire piece.  Yesterday I noticed tension as the playing of the piece progressed, so I want to use the process of inhibition every few bars to see how I am using myself to cause this tension.

What might our world be like if we all took the time to find how we create tension in ourselves and then found a better way of using ourselves?

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  1. When it comes to inhibition, what are you doing, specifically?

    I've found that I improved my tremolo and speed a lot and in a short period of time by just going for them at my desired tempo, with no conscious regard for accuracy, and telling myself repeatedly "this is easy. It's easier to do it right than to miss."

    It didn't take long for that to start becoming true, but I haven't "perfected" either of the activities I've tried that idea with.