Thursday, November 19, 2015

Matka Boska

The first words I wrote in my journal at 5:15 this morning were "Happy Birthday Mama!"  Though it was been more years than I can imagine since she has passed, I was happy today.  This is not always the case on her Birthday, but today I am.  I know that this makes her happy.  All she ever wanted was for her children to be safe and happy.

This evening I played Matka Boska for her.  A piece that came to me in it's entirety years ago and as soon as it did I knew she was close by.  She used say Matka Boska, Blessed Mother when at a lost for how to deal with her children.  I gave her many opportunities to reach out to God.  Today I know she understands, forgives, and still just wants the best for me and my family.  If only I could hold her in my arms one more time ...

Life is short.