Thursday, August 5, 2021

Music Creates the Musician

Music creates the Musician. 

Guitar Craft Aphorism

These four words encapsulate my experience.  Music also heals this Musician and for that I am grateful.  May a listener find something of value in what I play and tap the energy to carry on another day.  Some days life is hard; I feel off track.  Though I may not feel like practicing, the pull of Music is there; calling me gently, surely.  Sitting still, I tune and then caress her strings.  As the vibrations swell my heart expands and the path clears. Slowly this musician is tuned, ever so slowly; just doing nothing but playing.

An audience is also necessary for music to come into being. Many have told me that the music I receive and transmit has touched them. This always warms my heart. Still, listeners are hard to find. Will you help me find listeners by forwarding this message to friends.

Friday August 6th is another rendition of BandCamp Friday. During Covid, Bandcamp has generously chosen the first Friday of the month as a day when they waive their fees and allow all the sales proceeds to go to the musicians hosted there. This has been a vital and needed success for many musicians.

Check out the music of the California Guitar Trio, Tony Geballe and others I have supported on BandCamp. Point your friends here:

Recently I have come across the stunning music of Harpist Jessica Gallo. Her latest release Walk to the Sun is absolutely beautiful. Have a listen, I think you’ll agree.

Please stay well and be gentle with your good self.