Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Is It Me?


The past three weeks have born a lot of new musical ideas. Now I am sorting through them. Last night I was listening through the ideas that have arrived so far. Then in the scoring program I found what I had entered a for Whispering, which I had not done much with. As I listened I began to play with the notes. I was liking what I was hearing. Then that little voice aroused me. But this is not you? As I considered this I saw a new manifestation of the lizard brain. Why would this not be me? Merely because I did not find a melody with guitar in hand? The doubt lingered.

I began my practice exploring what I had of Whispering.  A new direction revealed itself and I was off and running. I heard myself asking what if I moved this here. Returning to the scoring program I entered this idea and took it further. When I was done, I decided yes this is me. However I find the notes is not important. Finding them is!


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