Friday, September 17, 2010

Shifting Shadows


I woke today from a dream where I was lost and afraid. The factors contributing to this were noted in my journal, but still the physical manifestation of the dream was in my body. Using my meditation practice, I was able to let go of the physical, examine the emotional aspects, and plant new positive seeds in my mind.

Today is our last day at the beach. This time together has been relaxing, inspiring, and creative. The new piece of music continues to challenge me, baffle me, and to surprise me. I sense I am close to completing this piece, but even if I do not find the ending,  the musical learning journey has been time well spent. Time - musicians work with time, play with time. Today unlike earlier this week, I have the sense that there is not enough time. The end of this particular process - the process of Vacation.

Vacation - from the Latin root vacare - to be empty. Certainly this has been achieved to a great degree this week. Now as my return to home and work approaches,  the mind begins to fill once again. May I be able to notice the notes I am placing on the score of my mind, our mind.

Standing in the surf, the sand shifts below my feet. No matter how firmly I may plant my feet, the sand will shift. As does life. Yet before me, when I raise my eyes to see, there is an ocean of love. May I float on this ocean, and in doing so allow my fingers to float across the strings of my guitar. Availability is the key - am I available to music; to love; to life?


  1. Just this morning I was tapping into the clarity that I do not have to compartmentalize meditation. Everything I do, can be meditation and this is most available to me in the playing of music. If we are emptying in every moment, we are somehow more available. For what? To what? Love? Flow? Certainly, we are lighter. Your post reminds me of Rumi. It has that essence to it. I love the line: notice the notes I am placing on the score of my mind...

    thank you

  2. Continue clearing Kathy. Definitely no need to compartmentalize meditation. Any act we do can be meditative if we are available to the act, to ourselves. Chopping vegetables, sweeping floors, and most certainly making music. Vacare ...