Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remaining Open to Possibilities

Fishy window origami

Sunday evening after Hurricane Irene blew out of town, I was playing my guitar on the back porch.  Grateful the only damage done to our home, was the disruption to our electricity.  I came upon a chord progression that caught my attention and I began to play with this and explore the possible.  As darkness descended, I captured what I had on my mp3 recorder, which fortunately also operates from batteries.

I continued this exploration on Monday evening and sensed that a piece was developing.  Last night I had my AT session with David Jernigan did not explore this particular idea.

Recently I have been listening to a book on CD by Edward de Bono titled Think Before it's too Late.  De Bono has a variety of techniques to stimulate our thinking.  As a student my analytical and judgement skills were finely honed. And a tendency to criticize rather than to keep the thinking in motion developed.  Tonight as a returned to examine this musical idea, I found myself judging harshly what I had and ready to abandon the process.  And just as suddenly the thought surfaced to be open to the possible.  Explore and find motion within this idea.  As I allowed this thinking to guide me, rather than the negative thinking that had surfaced, the idea flowed in different directions.

This moment of seeing the judge within surface once again so ready and eager to stop the process reminds me to be vigilant of my thoughts.  Perhaps a guiding aphorism for the future might be Be Quick to Remain Open.

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