Monday, October 3, 2011

Simple Adjustments

Fractal Frost

I needed to change strings tonight.  When I began to put new strings on the guitar, I realized I had to adjust the truss bar as the strings were now buzzing on the frets.  A simple adjustment to free the neck of the guitar and then I completed the restringing.

While doing my AT lie down prior to playing tonight, I was enjoying the sensation of my back letting go.  The muscles lengthening and widening, giving rise to a quieter mind and a sense of well being.  Following my breath, while contemplating my body, I noticed the tension dissolve into the floor.  None of this is a new experience for me, yet every time the process is unique.  The release of the muscles shifts the energies and the focus of my thinking in the body creates a union within.  A harmony perhaps of body, mind, and spirit.  Another simple adjustment.

As I noticed my rib cage moving; I wondered if the intercostal muscles, which I recall from my days of studying science, also lengthen and widen?  What a marvelous complex biochemical and mechanical system has been given to me.  How I am using this system?  Do I play guitar from a place of mechanical advantage fostering good use?  Or do I succumb to the habits that have kept me alive and chase the end at whatever cost to my body and psyche?  Tonight I choose to develop good use.  Grateful for all those wonderful people who have shared their knowledge of the Alexander Technique with me over the years.  Gently introducing freedom into my body and thought and showing me how to do this on my own.

Reflecting back on this morning, when I absolutely needed Qi Gong and my morning sitting to focus my day.  The small break at my desk to reflect and breath.  A quiet moment in the car on my commute home to once again let go and find the present moment.  Many, many simple adjustments in service to life.

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