Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Stop the Wrong Thing?

Stop 'n' Lock Graffiti Wall, 2008.06.28  

Stop doing the wrong thing and the right thing will do itself.  F. M. Alexander

He's right of course.  This is how we are designed - there is a right way to use ourselves.  Somewhere along the line we interfere with ourselves; we mimic how others use themselves; and in my case I was unaware that I was doing so.  Unfortunately aware or not, habits develop.  Neuronal pathways that are repeated become the preferred way for how our brains handle future movements.  The habits deepen and grow stronger.

These days I continue to develop my awareness of what I am doing and what I am not doing. Finding opportunities to pause, inhibit, & direct with the guitar and away from the guitar.  Slowly new neuronal pathways are forming.  Slowly the dance of bringing body and mind to the same place before I begin to move allows a bit more freedom.  Slowly.  I am ever so grateful that there are directions for this.  F. M. Alexander spent years finding out how to let go of the "wrong thing" and then enunciated directions for how to allow the right thing to happen.  A shining example of not doing the "wrong thing" embodied by teachers of the Alexander Technique.  I am ever grateful that I fell into their hands. 

Very special thanks to Frank Sheldon, Sandra Bain Cushman, and David Jernigan for patiently, even lovingly directing the way.

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  1. In gratitude to you and all who have stood in the way of my "wrong ways" and "wrong paths."