Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter is Springing Up All Over

Deer in Manchester, Ohio USA

 The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory for this spring morning.  Snow. C'est la vie.  With the temperature at 31F, I went to practice Qi Gong in the back yard as dawn brightened our cloudy sky.  The wind was calm as was I.  While warming up with The Crane I heard the birds waking and singing. Their intensity growing by the day.  I know I've never heard this volume of birdsong before a snow storm.What are they singing of today - merely warning predators of the boundaries of their space or that the world be acting strange?

Letting go of these matters I continued to practice, moving between different Qi Gong forms from different periods of my training as the Qi urged me.  I ended with the Deer Walking form.  This always gently stretches out my back and spine.  Having  a large body, I seem to relate to the Deer form in a way that is congruous for me.  I sensed the peacefulness of a deer walking in the morning light and continued a bit longer to cultivate this quality within. As I stretched and opened to the world, I sent out a wish that I might be peaceful through this day.  Smiling, stretching, and looking for the first snow flake, I noticed that a state of wonder had descended about me.  Snow always elicits wonder in me, this time without even having left the clouds. 

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