Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Practicing With a View

I am ever so fortunate to have this as a practice space this morning.  A view of awe & splendor, the beauty of our planet reminding me, urging me to be present with the notes echoing the Divine.  The mountain before me so solid, yet shrouded in the mystery of the clouds.  Impermanence on display as the water undulates to the rhythm of the universe and the clouds dance ever so gently about the mountain and the sky.

This view also provides an illustration of the Alexander Technique.  Long in my spine and limbs is reflected by the height of the mountain.  Wide in my back & shoulders enhanced by the horizon and the breadth of the sea. Freedom in my pelvis shown me by the swaying clouds at the base of the mountain.  The sea, the light, and the clouds are all flowing, not assuming a fixed position.  Freedom in movement inspired & nourished as the fishing boats are poised for their task. I am reminded that the Earth is rotating at 1600 kilometers per hour and that I have absolutely no sense of this motion.

I come back to myself.  Finding my breath, sensing my body, and touching my wish.  I begin playing Forget Me Knot and think of my brother and his family.  Love is awakened by the notes and a wave of feeling washes through me.  Letting the feelings come through me, through the notes, but not overwhelming either.  Breathing in the fresh sea air and fishing for the depths that music offers.  The melodies merge with the breaking surf while my heart seeks to meld with what is greater.  More views surface now, those that are within.

The sea reflects to me questions about views.  Do I hold fast to my views or work to be free of them?  Though the answer is clouded on this day, this particular glimpse of our world gives me hope.  All is possible.  Freedom may be as near as my thinking.


  1. The beauty of the sea, sky and mountains is there, in your body, your guitar, the melding of the two with the greater universe. Beautiful post! Inspires me to practice my art.

  2. thx. patrick. i look forward to your observations here - joe

  3. I read with great appreciation the inspired words lauding the beauty of our world Patrick. When our mind is open to the greater reality that is hidden from us by the demands of life, we experience what Aldus Huxley called the "mind at large" whis is seldom revealed to man. I find those rare moments only in the contemplation of the grandure of Nature just as you have expressed. Thank you my brother

  4. Another lovely...I love the truth that freedom is as close as my next breath if I can. Only get my mind out of the way!